Online Services

The Focus website offers a revolutionary online system providing access instantly, connecting the dealer to Focus Products. Once registered via the internet customers can access training, electronic ordering systems and a range of valuable information including technical FAQ's, industry legislation, latest Balance magazine, Inspire updates, MSDS's and a range of marketing material.

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24 Hour Access

With 24 hour access to Focus online, customers have access at any time from any location, even after hours.

Online Ordering

Focus Products offer the opportunity to streamline businesses by placing orders online.

Easy to Use

A website designed by real people, for real people. Focus has everything customers need to know, without requiring a degree to navigate through the site.

Instant Confirmation of Orders

For those who love confirmation. A no fuss, easy to use way of placing orders with email confirmation of orders and dispatch at every stage.

Dedicated Industry Section

With technical information and FAQ’s online, answers should be solved even before the phone is picked up.

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