Ink offers a professional design and planning support service for dealers who wish to develop a sharp and effective retail outlet. The proposed store layout provides options for logo designs and company bi-lines, floor plans, customer service counters and an overall company brand redevelopment.

Sharp Retailing Image

Creating recognisable brands, designing and rolling out clever packaging is paramount to the success of the professional retailer to help create an emotional connection between the brand and consumer. Focus Products Ink service is in high demand, offering visual imagery on new store layouts, logo designs and other marketing material. Focus Products develop an initial store layout for dealers to help get the most out of their space and maximise retail real estate.

Service To Develop Smart Branding

With access to expert advice, Focus helps to develop branding in all elements that create a stores personality.

Logo Design

Developing a logo to suit a brand can often be a challenge. Focus provide a service to design and develop images and logos.

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