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In store Training

The Focus technical and training teams cover a broad range of in-store topics. From instore water balance training to assistance with staff retail knowledge, the Focus team emphasises ìa smarter not harder model of business.

Consumer Evenings

Consumer evenings give dealers the opportunity to demonstrate why their customers need the experience of a pool professional. The presentation is designed to ensure consumers follow the dealers advice and encourage them to return to the store for on- going sales and support.

Technical Manual

The Focus dealer technical manual provides detailed information on basic to advanced water chemistry, product descriptions, seasonal retail marketing campaigns, MSDS sheets, technical tips, problem solvers and support guides. This manual is exclusive to the dealer network and is an encyclopedia of pool and spa knowledge.

Retailing Support

It is imperative that authorised dealers receive full retail support to ensure their business success. Through Instruct, dealers receive assistance with store layout and design, education and promotion, consumer evenings and access to a retail business specialist.

Staff Training

The training team assists the dealer through staff training and motivational courses to excite retail staff. The in-store courses are designed to encourage staff to excel in sales and service.

Customer Guides

Focus provide a number of simple to read guides allowing consumers to understand the basics on what to do with their pool or spa. The pocket ibook has information on the importance of cleaning the filter and algae formation. The Pool and Spa Book provides consumers a more in-depth knowledge on pool and spa care.

Problem Solvers

Providing easy to follow problem solver guides to aid in correct assessment and prescription, keeping solutions simple and accurate with minimum effort and maximum results.

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