Liqua is a new generation of smarter software, services and systems from Focus Products.

Liqua is part of Focus’ ongoing commitment to develop stronger and independent pool and spa enterprises. The new technology was founded on extensive industry research and experience bringing an innovative way forward for the future of recreational water management. Liqua enhances three fundamental areas for pool and spa businesses; water analysis, service management and customer engagement.

Liqua allows businesses to free themselves from the increasing burden of dealing with complex in-house technology and managing expensive on-site equipment. A simpler, unified set of Liqua services form a foundation that will see pool and spa businesses return to core values - less distractions and more time for real customer service.

As interaction with Liqua is web based the services are available 24/7 anywhere around the world from a variety of devices such as PCs, notebooks, tablets and phones. Additionally, as Liqua is under ongoing development the updates and new features are rolled out automatically without any downtime

Compatible with Waterlink-Spin

Meet the Liqua Geeks

Liqua Sense

Water Analysis

  • Cloud based water analysis.
  • Advanced advisory treatment report.
  • 'Zero to Hero' Easy to learn interface.
  • Links with leading water sensors

Liqua Sense delivers a smarter way to manage the end users recreational water asset online. Quickly and securely access customer information when and where it is needed; in the store, out on the road or in the home office. An innovative water management engine provides an easy to follow analysis report. Simple and intuitive, Sense allows a business to reduce the demand, maintaining l.T infrastructure and allows the focus to be on building customer relationships.

Worry less about technology infrastructure and focus more on enhancing customer engagement.

liqua Synergy

Service Management

  • Service booking and scheduling.
  • Designed for the pool industry.
  • Sync with technician calendars.
  • Manage small to large teams.

Synergy turns managing pool servicing into a simple online process. From booking to job tracking, the Liqua Synergy system helps businesses maximise the usage of team resources. Synergy’s seamless integration with Sense and Sync permits live on-site analysis and customer engagement. With Synergy, big or small businesses can reduce the administrative burden and maximise effective customer service.

Save time and stress by connecting the team to simpler scheduling.

Liqua Sync

Customer Engagement

  • Automates customer communicaton.
  • SMS, email or paper.
  • Responds to customer activity.
  • Integrates with customer analytics.

Sync helps businesses communicate with their customer base. Making sure customers are informed about everything related to their water assets; analysis results, bookings, follow up on problems, newsletters, specials and even friendly reminders about their next water test. Be it via email, SMS or regular mail, Sync will ensure every business has access to a simpler and effective way to connect.

Develop customer retention with relevant communication based on activity or absence.

liqua Spark

Energy Auditing

  • Online energy efficiency and audit tool.
  • Adjustable rates and usage patterns.
  • Printable report and quote.

Liqua Spark is an energy audit which compares the customer's current pump with a Noria energy efficient pump. It provides an easy to understand example of the savings a pool owner would find if they simply replaced their existing setup.

liqua Survey

Customer Discovery

  • Simple zone by zone request.
  • Fully integrated with liqua data.
  • Perfect sync companion tool.

Liqua Survey is designed to complete the local customer database by importing the details of pool owners in the retailers local area which you didn’t already have. This element was designed to maximise the effectiveness of Liqua Sync ensuring retailers are contacting as many potential customers as possible.