Noria FLO filter media is the perfect companion for any media filter, especially the Noria EVO:S filter, delivering high performance filtration through crystallite granules, to filter out even the tiniest particles.

The Noria FLO crystallite media provides many superior benefits for media filtration. FLO media is a non porous glass particle which has superior filtration properties compared to Silica Sand. FLO easily filters small contaminant particles and is compatible with all pool treatments such as coagulants and metal removers.

Unlike sand, the angular, non regular shape of the particles means that the media bed tends to fit together, forming tighter path ways for the pool water to pass through, giving higher grades of filtration and less chance of media channelling. Additionally FLO crystallite structure helps the media “clean” itself more efficiently in the backwash and rinse cycle.

FLO’s durability and high performance makes it the best choice for modern pool filtration systems.

Noria FLO Specifications

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    Per Hour

  • Fine
  • 15kg


    Per Hour

  • Coarse
  • 15kg